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Related article: Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 October 57th 47 -0700 ( PDT ) From: " Griffin, LD " u003csleepychick101 yahoo. com u003e Thread : A Story of Chapter 1 A Tale of baby ( 1/8 preteen pantyhose video ) : LD Griffin Disclaimer: fiction complete. This was completely invented now in the most of the corners of my mind. Pairing : JC / Justin Rating n : G to NC -17 slightly below Comments : Please ! This is a trial version of the story, so I really need to know if you we all like it or not. Sleepychick101 yahoo. com ~ ~ V of Author 's Notes : Viv, and she asked me to write a family Jushua history. This is an AU. Justin Viewpoint: I remember like it was yesterday. preteen boys videos I just received funds to work with Josh and I had finally settled in our new attic. the morning smelled fresh, the air filled with a fresh scent. The birds sang happy throughout the city, although it was a bitterly cold autumn the morning. preteen tiny models -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Justin turned to one side, opening the sunStudents. Scratching his belly, he pulled sweet preteen lollipops
the blanket and stood up. He bent down, placed a light kiss on the man who had been in with him. " Mmm... too soon. " Josh complained, turning away. " Josh, baby, I go for my career. I'll see you soon. I love you. " " Uh huh... me too. " Justin smiled at their husbands drowsiness and quickly threw on his way pants and a sweatshirt. Take the key that opened the door and set out. The sun shone brightly, to increase Justin, when he began working in the direction City Park in New York was hectic and busy around it, residents say hello and the crowd of pedestrians on the sidewalk. Crossing 5th Avenue, saw the mother and the father of her child move FAO Schwartz. Smiling, talking, had had the night with Josh before the flood came through his brain. He and Josh had been married for almost nine years and had seven of on the front. They were both very successful work as Treasurer Justin Merryl Lynch and Joshas a major anchor for NBC's guestbook sex preteen
daughter, MSNBC. Therefore, it seems logical that a child or children may wanted his whole family. Justin knew that Josh wanted children more than anything in the world, he would agree to go to an adoption agency cumshot preteen
on Monday. The thought made ​​for a baby him a little scary, but I wanted to be a father. enter the park, Justin discovers an abandoned track and headed in the direction it. The crushed leaves under foot as freepreteen sex he ran through the brush, the How the pine block. Seeing a clear, ran quickly to him. A metal bench was sitting near the opening. The need, encouragement seconds to catch up, sat down, when suddenly, caught his quiet whimper attention. There, on the left side was a baby, wrapped in a big yellow ceiling. It is almond-shaped eyes were no tears, is in the hands is bent a little. Justin looked at the boy and then scanned the area. No one about. And the spread of the feelings of the child's cheek,He frowned. They were ice, then the child must have been there for at least a couple ebony preteen cp
of hours. Draw in his arms, he noticed a letter grasping hand. Taking the baby hand he exclaimed. October 14, 2014 to the form of my daughter, I can not keep this child, and I hope, will give those who can n her a better life than me. She is six days old, his birthday is October 9. I dared not name, but please give it a strong name n, fair, because I know it will be a fighter. Please tell her I love, and that will always remain in my heart. Give it up, the hardest thing I every time I had to do, but I know it will be much happier without me. Signed, cheek undignified but funny mother Justin A tear slid to finish reading. Collection of children in his left arm that received the letter in his right hand. baby snuggled against him, as he made his way back to his apartment. " Josh, I'm home. Are you tired? guestbook sex preteen
" " Yes hun. I'm on the computer. " Justin came into his office and preteen porn89 net stood in the door. " Baby... " " You... " Josh started up from the screen, their eyes were opened to the view. " She was on a park bench. There was no one around, which was completely vacuum. A letter was in his blanket. "Said Justin, Josh transfer letter n. o Josh quick read over the words with your mouth open, and then looked up to Justin baby in her arms. \\ \\ n "What shall we do? " " I think we'll call the police. "Josh replied. " Yes, that makes sense. I am really surprised at the thought now. " Josh made ​​his way up the phone and dialed the police station occupied. " Yes, hello, my husband, a baby abandoned in Central Park about 20 minutes. Uh huh... oh and of course you can, a little Asian girl. There was a letter with the child from the mother. No, he said he could not hold the baby. Yes, of course, we still have the letter. Aha.... 56. 2179 Street. Just around the corner. Call us, humming inside Uh huh. .. Goodbye. " Josh finished, hang up the phone. " What did he say? " " They asked if I could tell where you found it, and if literally. I said, we can and we did, and were told they would be right on n ". " Okay God, I hope you can solve this problem. "Said Justin, as form of his leather sofa, the baby is still in his arms. A ring sounded strong at home and Josh made ​​his way to the intercom system No sigh. " Hello ? " He asked, pressing the" Talk ". " This is Detective Sergeant Davies and Anderson of the NYPD. Can we come? " " Sure. "It ended, as men buzzed in. volume n , hoarse measures the stairs and two large black men in his s home. " Hello, Detective Ronald Davies, " one man said, extending his the right hand and holding his badge to the left. "Hi, Joshua Chasez. And that's my husband Justin. " Josh said as before hands Detectives Davies, Justin shaking eyes. ", Sergeant Anderson. " The Old TestamentHer husband said, raising his hand in a small wave. " Hello. " " This must be the child. " Sergeant Anderson said, as he made ebony preteen cp his way to the room of the s. " Yes, here it is. " Justin said as he handed the letter to Detective Davies n and baby with Sergeant Anderson. " The letter was inside. Mounted was when I found them. " Justin began, her eyes full of concern. " Where exactly in the park are you? " Detective Davies asked, his eyes view of the sheet of paper he held in his hands. " Um, I can not say the exact area. But I can show and describe to you easy. I know it's on a bench about six feet from the hole was for a track leading to the entrance of the park. I had never been to this track before, usually I'm on the road to Tavern on the Green. , but the leaves looked so pretty this morning all its colors, so I a new japan preteen panties route to try. " " Uh preteen twat photos huh. And it was only on the roof? No strollers or something? " Yes, is true. No sThe drivers are. " " Do vombat bbs preteen you have an estimate of how long it might have been there ? " " Her cheeks were cold, so I guess a couple of hours at least. " Josh saw her husband, answered all the questions, such as Detective Davies scoring all the answers in a notebook. " Well I think that's all. We keep in touch when we found out nothing, and be sure to call us if you learn even more. "Detective Davies specified, as it put the letter in his pocket notebook. Sergeant Anderson stood up. " We are on a visit to an orphanage in japanese preteen sexy the , by times. Thanks for everything. " The detective and Davies found his way out the door. " Thank you. "Josh said as he closed behind them, no. " Do you think it will be fine ? " Justin asked, concern in his approval. " God, I hope so. "Josh replied, his arms over his chest. ~ ~ ~ ~ LD Griffin

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